What is the City East Mentor Program?

The City East Mentor Program supports skilled work-ready migrants or refugees who are seeking employment in their profession. Program participants are matched with volunteer professionals from the community who use their knowledge and experience of the Australian workplace to assist and empower mentees in their search for work.

What will you achieve?

Mentoring provides a rewarding opportunity to share professional and personal skills and experience.

Mentors: Skilled professionals are needed to assist skilled migrants and refugees achieve their employment goals. As a mentor you will share information, give guidance, recognise potential, challenge and inspire. This small commitment could make a real difference to a new migrant’s transition into life and work in Australia.

Mentees: The City East Mentor Program can match you with a skilled mentor to support you in achieving your employment goals. To be considered for the program you need to be eligible to work; have lived in Australia for at least six months; have professional qualifications and functional English.

Steps to participate in the City East Mentor Program:

1. Contact the Program Co-ordinator, Margaret Teed. margarett@cityeastcc.com.au Tel: 9387 7400

2. Complete an application form as a mentor or mentee

3. Attend an interview to discuss program and assess eligibility

4. Each mentee will be matched with a suitable volunteer mentor

5. Begin mentoring relationship with an initial face to face meeting to outline goals and objectives

6. Continue mentoring with either face to face, email, skype or phone contact once per week or fortnight for six months.

7. Enjoy the mentoring experience and opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas

The City East Mentor Program is an initiative of the City East Community College.