Work Skills

While there will always be job-specific skills that an employer is looking for, most employers will also want you to have some general skills. These general job skills are often referred to as “employability skills”.

During a job interview, chances are you’ll be asked questions about your employability skills. Having the right employability skills can often be what gets you over the line. They can also help you stay in a job and progress your way up.

CECC Work Skills courses include units on Communication, Teamwork, Technology, Problem solving, Initiative and Self-management. They offer a number of ways for you to improve your chances of finding work. We can help you choose a learning option to meet your needs and goals. These courses are funded under the

NSW Government’s Community Services Obligation (CSO) Program

The CSO program provides additional support to disadvantaged students who have barriers to taking full advantage of training under the Smart and Skilled entitlement program.

Students with no qualifications or those with higher level qualifications needing to retrain may be eligible to enrol in a subsidised Adult and Community Education (ACE) program up to Certificate III level at City East Community College.

City East Community College provides nationally recognised courses (free or subsidised) linked to the NSW Skills list, in English language and job skills; Information Technology; and Business designed to equip you with the necessary skills to move into further study and/or gain employment. CECC can also provide additional support to learners who are experiencing barriers to accessing Smart & Skilled entitlements

Is this program for you?

YES if you haven’t completed a Certificate IV or higher qualifications under Smart & Skilled.
YES if you need more skills and/or knowledge to study or enter the workforce in 2017.
YES if you are a Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders.
YES if you have a disability.
YES if you are long-term unemployed.
YES if you are a Commonwealth welfare recipient.
YES if you are a migrant/refugee who is unemployed or underemployed.
YES if you need assistance with reading, writing and numeracy.
YES if you have ongoing personal issues which affect your ability to attend or succeed with your learning.
YES if you are experiencing barriers to the Smart and Skilled entitlement program.

and fit the Eligibility criteria

  • Australian citizen/permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder, or New Zealand citizen
  • Aged 15 years of age or older, not at school and living or working in NSW requiring assistance with reading, writing, numeracy or ongoing personal issues affecting your ability to attend/succeed in learning.

To check your eligibility and funding status for any of our courses please contact us on: ""

You will be required to complete an initial assessment form to see if you qualify. Documentary evidence will be required to prove your eligibility as CECC is required to check eligibility, obtain evidence and retain it as proof that you are entitled to have your training subsidised by the NSW government.

Supported by the NSW Government

Courses available:

Computer and Work Skills course

Focusing on building Skills for Employment, this course covers units from the FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways.


Course Duration

3 days per week, for 8 weeks


9.30am – 3.00pm

What will I learn?

To find out more, please contact the office on (02) 9387 7400.