Mentor Program

An initiative of the City East Community College, the City East Mentor Program is meeting an unmet need that assists the integration of professional, work-ready migrants and refugees into employment and enables them to have career continuity.

What is the City East Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program matches volunteer professionals with migrant and refugee job-seekers. The aim is to provide better support and opportunities for skilled individuals to achieve work in their profession, while providing volunteer mentors the opportunity to empower others to realise their potential. Mentoring is designed to be mutually beneficial.

Am I eligible to participate in the Mentor Program?

YES if you are a migrant or refugee who has been in Australia for more than six months and have:

  • professional qualifications
  • Australian work rights
  • functional English

How does the Mentor Program work?

After completing an application form, volunteer mentors and mentees meet with the Mentor Co-ordinator: Margaret Teed, Contact: Email: Tel: 9387 7400

Volunteer professionals are individually matched with mentees to provide support, give guidance and inspire skilled individuals to achieve their employment goals.

Mentoring sessions are according to need and may include assistance with resumes, cover letters, job applications, interview skills and broadening professional networks.

How long is the Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program is for 6 months and may include phone, email, skype and face-to-face meetings.

What qualifications do I require to become a Mentor?

As people with overseas qualifications often have no local experience and networks, expertise in a particular field and time to advise and support someone become familiar with the workings of the labour market and learn about local workplace culture and practice is the number one qualification.

Mentee Feedback

"This program changed my life and it’s a new chapter for me and my family. Now I have a job I am ready to contribute back to society with my skills and hard work."

"I think the Mentor Program is a great opportunity to provide professional as well as emotional support to people who bring their unique skills and experience to Australia and are willing to contribute and integrate with the community. I’m honoured to be a part of the program."