Motor Vehicle & Bike Maintenance

About our Motor Vehicle & Bike Maintenance courses

Whether you’re on two or four wheels, save money and learn to do routine maintenance yourself. Distinguish a bargain from a lemon and make dirty hands a sign of achievement.

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Bike Maintenance

Thinking about riding to work, shops or for pleasure? Keep your bike running smooth and learn some handy bike maintenance skills. Bring it along to work on during the workshop. This workshop will help you become familiar with your bike and your tools. Also learn some essential maintenance techniques and minor adjustments to keep your bike in good working order. These include: best way of keeping your bike clean lubricants hecking for bike road worthiness how to put your chain back... [More]
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Car Maintenance

Learn how to identify and fix simple problems with your car before they become costly headaches. Gain the skills to perform basic servicing and minor repairs to your car in this hands-on course which covers: understanding the mechanics of cars, safety, building an essential tool kit, oil and filter change, engine tune-up, finding electrical faults, wheel and tyre care and much more. The first day of this course is classroom based where participants will learn about the various... [More]

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