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Transform your home into a stylish retreat. Embark on a new project as we introduce you to a world of design ideas; from floral enhancement, to fabric embellishment, to a complete makeover.

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Floral Art

Mercedes has designed a course where flower lovers can learn the art of beautiful flower arrangement. Students will have the opportunity to create a posy of short stemmed flowers, bowl arrangements, a box arrangement and other modern and traditional arrangements using fresh flowers. Mercedes buys flowers fresh from the Flower Markets at market rates and brings them to each class. Allow $25 per night for flowers and $15 for florist secateurs. Materials- Please Bring Scissors florist... [More]

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Colour Theory

An understanding of colour is vital to any undertaking in visual, graphic or decorative arts. This course will immerse you in the dimensions of colour to help gain a deeper knowledge of colour theory that goes well beyond basic colour mixing. Be inspired by the latest colour trends as you participate in varied practical activities to learn how colour can be creatively manipulated to enhance expression, mood and environment. Whether your chosen art form is painting, graphics,... [More]

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Fabric Cushions

Decorator cushions are the instant makeover of interior decorating. If you’ve been too scared to go near a sewing machine or need to reacquaint yourself with one, this course will ease you into it, and with it you will take home your very own cushion cover. Update your room, save your wallet and satisfy your inner craft geek by gaining skills to design and make your own quality decorator cushions, complete with piping and zipper, in the fabric of your choice. If time premits you... [More]

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Interior Decorating

Do you have a passion for Interior Decorating? Or would you just like some inspiration to pull together a new look for your space? This is a practical and creative 'hands-on’workshop which will help you ceate interior schemes which capture a desired mood and enhance a room. A series of activities move you through learning about co-ordinating colour, fabrics, wallpaper, floor treatments, furniture and other accessory items. By the end of the day you will have completed a sample... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.