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With web and digital technologies advancing rapidly it is more important than ever to stay up to date with the latest digital trends.

Our short courses are designed for people looking to expand their digital horizons and cover a range of topics including; website e-commerce, online shopping, website promotion and social media.

Choose from our short courses that are held during weekdays, in the evenings and on weekends.

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Blogging for Beginners

Building your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Whether your motive is to make more money or simply to let your friends know about your life, setting up an attractive, professional-looking blog is quite simple. Using the free software WordPress, you will learn how to create a simple blog for personal or busines use. You will learn how to choose a theme, add new content and how to easily manage and maintain your blog. Please note: All courses need a minimum... [More]

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Tech Savvy Seniors- Facebook

This hands-on computer based course takes you step by step through how to create, edit and manage your Facebook accounts. Learn the basics of creating posts, unloading photos and maintain private settings. Please bring email address and password, and facebook password if you already have an account. [More]

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Tech Savvy Seniors - Internet and Online shopping

You no longer need to head to the bank branch to perform every transaction, and you can buy just about anything you need online without ever stepping outside your door. You can transfer money, pay bills, buy groceries and other goods, and even make all your travel arrangements online. This workshop will walk you through the basics of the internet in readiness to explore the world off online shopping, whether you want to book a holiday or buy groceries. We will walk you through the... [More]

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Tech Savvy Seniors- iPad essentials

Learn to use your iPad and all its core apps in this practical hands-on workshop. Please bring your charged iPad with you. The Tech Savvy Seniors Program is part of the NSW Ageing Strategy which was launched in July 2012 by the Minister for Ageing at City East Community College and is an initiative of the NSW Aging Strategy, funded through a partnership between the NSW Government and Telstra. [More]

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Ipad Essentials

Need to get comfortable and competent with the applications on your iPad or just stay one step ahead of the kids?. Almost everyone can find a place in their life for an iPad. Users can browse the web, read and send emails, take photos, watch videos, listen to music, play games, read e-books and more. This hands-on course covers the basics of iPad operation with a few tricks thrown in: from how you turn the device on, to how you make setting changes, shortcuts and apps folders. Once... [More]

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