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About our Communication & Presentation Skills courses

Good communication and presentation skills are essential for all business and personal endeavours. Our courses are designed to be approachable and supportive while imparting skills that will be used over a lifetime in a wide variety of settings.

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Body Language and Communication

Understand body language to improve your communication skills and relationships. How you use your body and voice are the essential part of your communication. Learn to focus on “how I will say that?”, instead of “what I will say?”, so your intended message is clear. Gain a better understanding of other others as you learn these essential skills in a casual and fun way. Topics include Understanding the basics of communication skills Common Communication mistakes Making a great first... [More]

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Assertive Communication

Learning the skills of assertiveness is a wonderful way to become much more effective and at ease in personal and work situations. As you cover a variety of communication skills and relationship issues, you will learn new skills and attitudes to build confidence, self-esteem and clarity for better communication with others. This friendly small group atmosphere provides an opportunity to practice skills in exercises designed to prepare for real life issues in personal and... [More]

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Stand Up Comedy

Get in touch with your comic persona as you learn to create and deliver the material that leaves an audience bellyaching. Gain practical tools for writing and performing comedy as you learn how to set up and deliver that winning punchline. This course will help you acquire the basic techniques of comedy writing and presentation and then gives you an opportunity to try out all you’ve learned in an open mic venue at the end of the course. About Rob McHugh Rob McHugh started doing... [More]

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Fundraising and Sponsorship

This workshop is the ideal, practical guide to Fundraising and Sponsorship for any sporting club, community organisation, not-for-profit or charity seeking to attain funding through Fundraising. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the facilitator. A discussion will also take place with regard to current developments in fundraising and sponsorship in Australia. This workshop will provide valuable knowledge on a range of Fundraising... [More]

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Public Speaking

Experiencing trouble getting your message across in business or personal situations, then this is the course for you. Gain skills for both formal and impromptu speech delivery. Improve the quality of your voice and your confidence as you learn how to present yourself effectively and deliver your thoughts with clarity. Students attending Saturday class will be expected to prepare three assignments during the week to be presented on the second Saturday. Materials Pen and note pad For... [More]

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