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The cornerstone of a successful business is how effectively the business is managed. Our specialised management courses offer students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and dive deeper into areas including importing and exporting and events management.

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Governance and Board Management

Gain a sound knowledge of officers' and directors' duties in this workshop designed for anyone from the community or not-for-profit sector interested in finding out more about governance and why it is necessary for their organisation. Current developments in this sector will be discussed as well as examples provided of how it has been used in Australia and how it is relevant to you. The following subject matter will be discussed: Governance Law Duties of directors and officers... [More]

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Business Storytelling

Uses storytelling to influence people and move them into action. Need to get your point across? Get staff on board with change? Foster Collaboration? Increase Sales? Strengthen employee engagement? Build customer loyalty? Drive innovation and creativity? Capture best practices? Align people around a goal? This workshop empowers you to do this. Learn how to harness the power of a good story to influence prospects, customers, colleagues, team members, sponsors and funders. Use... [More]

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Effective Communication for Managers

This course focuses on the processes involved in business communication and concentrates, in particular, on ways in which you can become more effective by becoming more knowledgeable and skilled as a communicator. This course will cover a range of topics designed to help you understand the communication process better, from planning a strategy to analysing your audience. The course includes the following: • Guidelines for preparing and delivering an effective speech • Dealing with... [More]

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Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

In this course, we will look at how you can use appraisals to enhance the way your organisation works and how they can encourage your staff to continually develop. The course will provide you with guidance on what is important about appraisals and how they fit into the bigger picture of continuous improvement of performance. The course includes the following components: Clarify the real purpose and benefits of doing appraisals, so that you can see why it’s worthwhile to give time... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.