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Clay is the most basic and traditional of creative materials. Combining the primitive with the contemporary, ceramic art is an absorbing personal and creative experience.

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Create extraordinary mosaics to decorate your home and garden with colourful mosaic artworks. The ease and speed of execution, and beauty of the results, makes mosaicking one of the most enjoyable of the decorative arts. Learn the basics on a rectangular terracotta planter using various materials such as tiles, mirror and ceramics, known as tesserae. Another workshop idea is to create a still life mosaic on a 30cm square tile, using coloured glass, mirror and vintage ceramics The... [More]
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Experimental Art

Open your mind and extend your artistic experience as you experiment with a variety of different art techniques, such as: mixed media, printmaking, collage, sculpture and contemporary drawing. Acquire knowledge of new tools and art jargon. Play with materials that inspire you to go further, and think outside the box. Materials: Please bring: a pad of A3 size cartridge paper (min 180gsm) 3 x A5 size canvas BOARDS (hard back!) approx. one medium sized takeaway container apron and/or... [More]

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Metalwork for Sculpture

This intensive short-course introduces students of all experience levels to the assemblage and construction of metal objects. Students will learn the practical, technical and creative requirements to making sculptural metal objects. Over four evenings in Sydney’s historic Eveleigh Railway Workshop each student will be guided by a qualified teacher and aided throughout by a technician through the basics of working with metal, concentrating on a personal self-directed project.... [More]

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Learn the techniques involved in making a variety of different sculptures as you experiment with a range of materials (plaster, wire, clay, collage, found objects) to produce pieces you can display at home. Discover the processes that sculptors use to take conceptual idea through to a finished object. Gain skills working with carving, construction, wire manipulation, clay (air dried) and mixed media. You will also acquire knowledge of some art jargon and the history of sculpture.... [More]

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