Tea Appreciation & Blending

Delve into the complex world of tea as you learn how to taste and brew premium teas. Then progress to make your own bespoke blend.This introductory hands-on tea workshop has been designed for you to enjoy the charming world of tea and tea blending.

Participants will learn about different types of teas and tea tree varieties from different world regions (black, green, white, yellow, oolongs and pu-erh). Experience a sensory appreciation of tea while understanding the importance of brewing and steeping techniques while creating your own style of blending. You will be able to push the boundaries and explore your full sensory skills to understand the importance of choosing base teas, flavours relationship, balance, visual appeal, inclusions, ratios and liquid flavours. Participants will be able put together their own creation and taste it during the workshop.

Blending is not just art it is chemistry of flavours, knowledge, skills and tricks that with practice will give you the necessary experience to achieve the charm of blended teas.

Course fee includes all ingredients.

Participants will be able to describe and distinguish sensory evaluation of teas and to create and taste at least two blends.
• Recognition of quality and freshness in tea, dry leaf, appearance, scents, infusion, colour, texture, taste, aromatic profiles
• Recognise Orthodox and Unorthodox teas
• Choosing blend base/s
• Choosing inclusion that fit the blend profile.
• Choosing inclusions that add flavour and others that are flavour neutral
• Using techniques and tricks to create a unique blend
• Choosing name and description for each blend
• Understanding how to use a basic tea blending formula sheet.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants will be able to :
• Understand tea types, textures and profiles
• Identify orthodox and unorthodox teas
• Understand brewing and steeping techniques
• Understand tea and herbal profiles
• Learn blend base/s
• Learn types of inclusion that fit the blend profile.
• Learn inclusions that add flavour and others that are flavour neutral
• Learn techniques and tricks to create a unique blend
• Create name and description for each blend
• Understand tea properties and herbal infusions properties

Having spent a lifetime drinking tea but not looking into it my whole appreciation of the beverage was forever shifted by this class. We not only tasted varied brews we blended, compared and created our very own. My tea drinking world now encompasses cooking, smelling and sharing insights about this wonderful leaf and other ingredients. - Christopher from Bondi.

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