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Getting the Sustainability Message Across

We have to communciate effectively to get our message across, no matter what that message is. That is why Randwick Council’s sustainability team are offering this course in sustainability messaging.

Enrol in this six session course to learn how to use a host of communication skills that are transferrable to our work, our community organisation and our personal life:

• how to design clear and informative brochures and posters
• how to make presentations without the clutter that we are all-too-often subject to
• how to write sticky stories that are memorable
• how to use questioning techniques for discussions at film showings and problem solving with groups
• how to encourage people to make sustainability behaviour changes
• how to use words effectively and frame sustainability solutions so that they are appealing.

The course features a number of educators skilled in both sustainability education and communicating.

Too good to miss, this course on sustainability messaging will upskill our ability as effective communicators.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.