Sustainable Leadership Skills

Leading a community organisation or other similar organisation calls for skills in negotiating and advocacy as well as an understanding of how people respond differently to different leadership styles. This is a course for those who would like to work with others to run more effective local sustainability groups and actions.

Leadership calls for a set of skills that can turn ideas into action and then into outcomes. Understanding the different styles of leadership, reflecting on how you already lead and gaining insight into how you could improve your leadership qualities will result from enrolling in this innovative course led by Grahame Collier, one of Sydney’s most experienced sustainability educators. We will study leaders and how they operate, set goals for our own leadership development, gain insight into lobbying and negotiation and emerge from the course with knowledge of the type of leadership skills you’d like to develop.

In this course we learn from each other as well as from Grahame, and by the end of the course we emerge knowledgeable and ready to take a leading role in our organisations and take them into an inclusive and effective future.
This innovative FREE and participatory course covers:
What is effective leadership?
Learning from our leader icons
Leadership for sustainability – turning my passion into outcomes
What sort of leader am I/can I become?
Personal goals for leader development
Development of leadership skills and approaches
Effective lobbying and negotiation skills
Reflecting on my leadership in the community and elsewhere.


This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.