Story of Scent (Perfume Appreciation)

Discover the rich history of fragrance as you learn to hone your sense of smell and become an informed consumer of scent. Scented products are present in all aspects of everyday life. They don’t just include perfume but everything from household cleaning to personal care and home scenting products. The fragrance industry is worth around $30 billion and over 1500 new perfumes were released last year.

Explore key aspects of scent and its place in human life over the centuries as you are taken through exercises to help you best identify the fragrances that appeal to you. We will look at the sense of smell, changing scientific and social attitudes to odour, the history of perfume, the structure of the perfume industry and new trends, how perfumes are made and classified and how to use Michael Edwards' Fragrance Wheel, the most widely used perfume classification in the contemporary perfume industry.

Weekly sessions include

  • The sense of smell: Why is it important?
  • The history of perfume in 15 fragrances
  • Perfume classification: The fragrance wheel
  • The fragrance industry past and present
  • Perfume and you
  • Sniffing the future

About the presenter
"I was born on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius surrounded by the sights and scents of the tropics, together with French, Indian, African and Chinese cultural influences which provided a huge variety of aromas. A strong awareness of the scents of my surroundings as a child, was reinforced by a move to London as a teenager. The change of country was accompanied by totally different smells.

During my career in teaching, training and educational publishing, I discovered perfume criticism and writing through the columns of Chandler Burr in the New York Times in 2007, through Burr’s book on Luca Turin, and through the then burgeoning perfume blogosphere. Finding that I had a natural love and understanding of perfume, I decided to turn this love into my work and created

To learn more, I did training courses with Cinquieme Sens in Paris, with Michael Edwards of Fragrances of the World and with Denyse Beaulieu of perfume blogger and writer in London.

I now write, blog, run workshops and have smelled more perfumes than I can remember. My scent collection is getting out of control and the choice of which perfume to wear in the morning can be a difficult one. I also created and run the Sydney Perfume Lovers Meetup group, perfume lovers who meet regularly to talk and try new perfumes."

Catherine du Peloux Menage

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