Printing on Fabric

Learn how to design your own fabric or t-shirts using stencil, block and mono-printing techniques. This course will give an overview of some easy and fun printing techniques. Explore and experiment with your own surface pattern ideas to create individualist finished designs. We will complete several small projects of our own design, printing on both paper and fabric. You can create wearable art, beautifully printed homewares or individual art pieces. The options are endless.


List of items student needs to bring to the workshop:

  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Apron
  • Handy towel or other for cleaning/drying
  • Approx 2 meters of pre washed and ironed (not crinkled) white fabric to print onto. (Calico or cotton is fine, you will be printing on approx A4 size pieces of fabric).
  • You may also bring some coloured or pre-patterned fabric, these can be fun to print on top of.
  • White or pale colour t-shirts or other garment that you could print on if desired
  • A couple of cheap paint brushes
  • Textured sponges x 3 (eg bubbly, stripy or waffle patterned)
  • Textured items both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional including leaves, feathers, doilies, lace, mesh, embroidered fabric, printing stamps, cut out foam shapes such as lettering, corks, found items, lids with textures, sink strainer, bottle tops, elastic bands, pegs, comb; any item or texture that you could use to print from. (the more you bring to work with the more fun you can have creating.
  • a lino roller (available from art store. They often have red handle and a black roller or a metal handle and black roller. If you can not locate this then get a sponge roller instead for the meantime.
  • A3 sheet of acetate (this is a clear plastic sheet used for overhead projection, I normally buy it from Oxford Art Supplies or other Art Store or the College of Fine Arts digital print and Copy centre. (this is to be your traveling print table, perspex or glass can also be used but acetate is easy to roll up and bring to class)
  • a few sheets of old Newspaper for cutting up and protecting table tops

Fabric ink is supplied

Learning Outcomes

  • gain an understanding of OH &S when printing on fabric
  • learn how to print an individual design on fabric, from the initial concept to the finished product
  • learn how to select appropriate tools, equipment and materials for a variety of printing techniques
  • gain an understanding of formal elements and principles of design
  • creative exploration and skill development



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