Permaculture Orchard

It’s a win-win offering-attend the food forest design course and take away the knowledge to create your own food forest in your home or community garden, no matter how small, while your learning helps us design and plant out in the Permaculture Interpretive Garden.

Led by professional designers experienced in planning and building food production gardens using the principles of permaculture design, you will learn the design concepts for creating food forests; how to approach making your food forest through staged development; choice of plants suited to climate; irrigating your plantings; soil improvement; and pest management.

We’ll look at how to design and stage the food forest’s development and will develop a list of plants that you could use. After the course, you will be equipped to design, plan and plant your way to returning food production to our city as you become a true urban bioneer.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.