Pandeiro (Brazilian Hand Drum)

Pandeiro is the most common percussion instrument in Brazil, synonymous with the music and rhythms from everything Capoeira to Samba and everything in-between. Learn about the rich cultural history of this unique instrument as you are introduces to traditional and modern techniques for playing rhythms such as samba, capoeira and more.

Panderios are supplied in class, but if you already have a panderio bring it along.

Your tutor, Dan Allen, is professional percussionist who has a fascination with the Panderio. He is the author of ‘Pandeiro: The Philosophy of…’ which is available here He currently plays with a samba bateria here in Sydney.

Course Outline
History, purpose and parts of a Pandeiro
How to hold and play a Pandeiro safely (including various alternative positions)
Basic hand playing techniques Thumb, fingertips and slaps
How to play a Samba rhythm (using both traditional and modern methods)
Introduction to the ‘balanced’ method of playing
How to play a Capoeira rhythm
Finger and elbow 'rolls'
Final 'concert'

Planned Learning Outcomes

*By the end of this course, students should be able to:*
Know and understand the history, parts and purpose of a Pandeiro
Hold and play a pandeiro in several different positions
Basic hand playing techniques
How to play a Samba rhythm in both traditional and modern methods
Understand the newer ‘balanced’ method of playing
How to play a Capoeira rhythm
How to do ginger and elbow 'rolls'
Be able to play together in a group

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