Explore your creative potential in this structured painting course that is perfect for absolute beginners as well as those who want to expand their painting skills. Using easy to use, and dry, acrylics you will gain skills in composition, tone and mixing to achieve realistic colour.

Your tutor will introduce you to techniques to get your creativity flowing as you learn to paint subject matter from still life, portraits, working from photographs or your imagination. The course is intended to be ongoing, encouraging painters to develop their practice and work on their own projects in consultation with the tutor.

Find your inspiration and gain the skills to achieve what you want on your canvas.


For the first class please bring:
Willow Charcoal
2B Graphite pencil
A kneadable eraser
A2 or A3 cartridge paper pad or at least 2 or 3 sheets
A Masonite drawing board and clips would be helpful but not essential.

You do not need to bring paints on the first night as Chris will supply some to get everyone started. If you already have paints please bring them along.

For the remainder of the course Chris reccomends the following:

Acrylic Paints

Warm Yellow – Cadmium Yellow or Spectrum Yellow at least 75ml tube
Cool Yellow – Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow 75ml tube
Warm Red – Napthol Scarle or Cadmium Red 75ml tube
Cool Red – Alizarin Crimson (There is no substitute for this colour) 75ml tube
Warm Blue – Ultramarine Blue 75ml tube
Cool Blue – Pthalocyanine (Pthalo) Blue 75ml tube
Titanium White at least 120ml tube or 500ml jar

Painting Palette – Large plastic lids or a sheet of Perspex or glass (essential)
Palette Knife – plastic or metal (essential)
Painting rags or an old towel (essential)
2 large Jars for brushes
Assortment of sizes of at least 10 brushes – rounds and flats (Chinese Hogs hair bristle are fine)
Small, inexpensive Canvases (try $2 shop)

Chris was an amazing teacher! He really taught us all how to become genuine painters.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Chris was an amazing teacher! He really taught us all how to become genuine painters.