Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is about using mindfulness practices to make food choices from a place of nurturing and nourishment, rather than regret, guilt and blame. It is a way to achieve acceptance, to slow things down, awaken our senses to notice our food and appreciate it for its nourishment, colour, textures and smells. It offers an opportunity to change your relationship with food as you learn how to reset your button about your food choices, without blame or attributing right or wrong. Most importantly mindful eating is a chance to step off the diet mentality treadmill to a path of exploration and compassion.

In this workshop you will explore various mindful eating practices so that you can experience something that might resonate with you as a do-able strategy.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the session participants will have:
Explored what motivates their food choices
Gained an understanding of different mindful eating practices to determine if one or several might suit them in finding a grounded compassionate sweet spot to make food choices for their own personal needs.
Explored tools to recognise satiety as well as hunger.
Explored ways to nourish themselves that may or may not involve food. This brings a type of self-compassion and a less weighty type of sweetness to their lives.

About your tutor
Debbie gathers over 20 years experience in healthcare and combines her clinical experience of nutrition and complementary therapies to mentor individuals and groups about mindful eating practices. Dignity, autonomy and self-determination are cornerstones to her philosophy of care.

She is a registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society as a registered practitioner of nutrition and kinesiology and holds qualifications including a Graduate Diploma Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) in a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (biotechnology), and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Debbie has a number of publications to her name, lectured and tutored at several of the major natural therapy colleges throughout Australia and writes occasionally for journals and community newspapers.

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