Jazz Guitar

This course paves the way to the exciting world of Jazz guitar. With knowledge of basic chords and an ability to play simple melodies, begin playing Jazz guitar easily. Learn the fundamental aspects of Jazz; Jazz chords, chord comping, Jazz soloing and Jazz licks.

Unlike traditionally dry and confusing Jazz methods, this course provides an enjoyable step- by-step approach to learning to play Jazz guitar.

Materials to bring
Nylon or steel string guitar
Pen and paper

Course outline

Session 1
New approach to old chords
Diatonic scale
Chord construction
Chord inversions

Session 2
7th Chords
Harmonizing the Major Scale (Triads & 7th)
Chord progressions
Chord comping

Session 3
Extended chords
Modes of the Major Scale

Session 4
Finger style playing
Introductions to Chord Melody

Session 5
More extended chord
The Jazz Scale

Session 6
Chord substitution

Session 7
Chord alteration

Session 8
Chord Melody piece

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