Investing in Real Estate

Learn the basics of property investment. You will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to get into the property market. You will be taught by a current investor and real estate planner who will teach you proven investing techniques and strategies that you will be able to apply yourself. You will also learn how to work out a plan, finance these deals, minimise your tax, depreciate your investment, negotiate with real estate agents and vendors and how to build a team of experts around you that perform to meet your needs. This is a must course for anyone interested in the property market.

Why investing is important for our future and for the Government.
What banks will lend on investment properties.
Negative gearing: how it works and the advantages and disadvantages of investing this way.
Positive cash flow properties: the formula you use to meet the requirements and where to find these deals.
How to create passive income for life through investing in property.
How to work out your R.O.I (Return on investment).
Discussing different growth areas to invest.
How to research the market and what is needed to put a Real Estate Plan in place.
Investing to protect yourself in an up and down market.
How you can make more money when interest rates rise.
How a real estate agent thinks and how to use them to your advantage
How to analyse a deal in 5 minutes and know whether it is a good buy or not.
How to minimise your tax legally.
Why building a team of experts around you is important for property investment
The difference between residential and commercial property: the advantages and disadvantages and what gives the best returns.

Pen and Notepad

Plenty of information, friendly atmosphere, well paced, not too long.

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Course testimonials:

  • Plenty of information, friendly atmosphere, well paced, not too long.