Horse Riding 2

For graduates of Horse Riding 1 or horse riders who are already confident at walk and rising trot, but not necessarily canter. This course will provide a refresher on how to groom and tack up your own horse, and then work on the skills you learnt in riding 1 and take them to the next level. Learn to canter with the safety of using a lunge reign and then being able to canter by yourself.


  • Please wear closed toe shoes with flat heels and preferably no laces, jodhpurs, jeans or track pants and sun block.
  • Horse, helmet and all tackle is supplied.

PLEASE NOTE: Horse riding is a dangerous activity as horses can act in sudden and unpredictable (changeable) ways, especially if frightened or hurt. Because of this all participants agree to ride at their own risk and will be required to fill out a Moore Park Stables liability waiver at the start of each course. Participants under 18 cannot be accommodated in these courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • futhered knowledge about OH&S in relation to horse riding
  • gained proficiency in intermediate horse handling skills
  • gained skills to ride a horse at trotting pace
  • and gained basic skills to ride a horse at cantoring pace.


This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.