Furniture Restoration

Discover how simple, enjoyable and rewarding restoring your old wooden furniture can be. Let the natural beauty of the wood shine as you bring it back to its original state, or better.

Learn how to use a paint stripper safely, sand, mix stains, sand and apply shellac. Gain practical knowledge of cleaning and waxing furniture, making minor repairs, recognising the different types of wood and understanding the importance of health and safety in the workshop.

Whether it is a chair, a table or an old chest, let an experienced craftsman show you how it is done. An environmentally friendly course, perfect for beginners and those with some experience who are keen to brush up and get some handy tips.

EVENING COURSE – For your first class you only need to bring a pen and notepad. Materials detailed below will be required from week two.

IMPORTANT: You must be able to take your item home after each class. If the piece you have chosen has paint on it, you will need to put additional time into the preparation, be prepared to do some homework during the week. So between the end of the first day and the start of the second Saturday, your piece must be completely stripped, scrubbed, and all nail holes and structural repairs have to be completed. Otherwise it will be impossible for you to finish your piece of furniture. Alan is not in a position to teach painted finishes, including, liming and shabby chic during this course.

Materials Required
Glass jar with lid
2 empty tins (e.g. baked beans, cat food or similar)
Newspapers (needed each week)
Overalls, apron or protective clothing
Ice cream container
Scissors ( to cut steel wool)
Cotton rags

also required, but may be purchased from Alan onsite

  • 1 x pair rubber gloves $3.00
  • 1 x litre Methylated spirits $6.00
  • 1 x Steel wool. Grade 00 fine (handy size) $2.00
  • Grade coarse (for stripping) $7.00
  • Scraper rental only $4.00. Deposit of $12 required
  • Face masks Budget N95 $3.50, P2 Valve type $9.00
  • Eye protection (Goggles) imported quality $8.00
  • Sand paper (made in Switzerland) $1.50
  • Staining your furniture will cost (equivalent to 1 chair) $7
  • Orange shellac polish available in 200 ml $14.50, 500ml $25.00, 1000 ml $35.00
  • Bleached shellac polish(pale furniture)available in 200 ml $15.50, 500 ml $30.00, 1000 ml $50.00
  • Cotton wool 1st quality(not available in shops) $5.00
  • Fine Furniture wax liquid bees wax 200ml $14.50
  • Rescue (furniture cleaner) available in 200 ml $14.50, 500 ml $25.00, 1000 ml $40.00

Other supplies may be needed as you create the finish for your furniture (e.g. stain, wax/oil, shellac). A full price list will be given on the first night of evening courses or sent prior to the weekend courses. If you wish to purchase from Alan, please contact him before the course on 9699 9972 / 0412 922 451.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of your course, you should have
Gained an understanding of OH&S in relation to restoring furniture
Learned how to sand efficiently
Learned how to use and mix stains, understanding their needs
Gained skills in the efficient use of shellac polish via swooge
Learned how to clean an old piece of furniture including routine maintenance and waxing
Gained knowledge necessary for basic repairs.

Please note:
All courses need a minimum number of students to run. If your course does not have enough students it will be cancelled prior to the commencement and you will be informed. For your convenience information about class cancellations or changes are made initially via email and SMS, please ensure these details are correct.

$245 Limited inc GST / $221
Furniture Restoration

<p>{image name:“Alan%20Graham”} <br/>Discover how simple, enjoyable and rewarding restoring your old wooden furniture can be. Let the natural beauty of the wood shine as you bring it back to its


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