Fabric Cushions

Decorator cushions are the instant makeover of interior decorating. If you’ve been too scared to go near a sewing machine or need to reacquaint yourself with one, this course will ease you into it, and with it you will take home your very own cushion cover.

Update your room, save your wallet and satisfy your inner craft geek by gaining skills to design and make your own quality decorator cushions, complete with piping and zipper, in the fabric of your choice. If time premits you can also make a
non zip cover.

For more complicated cushion designs, Judith will be happy to discuss individual projects if there is time within the class, or at a break, but this cannot be guaranteed.

1 cushion inner: 35 cm x 35 cm
40 cm of fabric if the fabric is 112 cm wide or wider. If the fabric is 90 cm wide, 70 cm fabric is required.
Your own Machine if you have one (the college can provide machines)
Zip that is approx 3 cm shorter than your cushion inner.
Needle and thread
Zip foot
Piping cord : please bring the circumference of your cushion + 10 cm
A 35 × 35 cushion will fit easily within these measures, with fabric left over you can cut bias strips to make piping.

  • Cushion inners increase in increments of 5 cm. If you would like to bring a larger inner for the cushion, here are the measurements for the standard square measured inserts:

40 × 40: bring 90cm of 90cm wide fabric, 50 cm of 112 cm or wider
45 × 45: bring 1metre of 90cm wide fabric, 70 cm of 112 cm or wider
50 × 50: bring 1.10 metre of 90cm wide fabric, 90 cm of 112 cm or wider
55 × 55: bring 1.20metre of 90cm wide fabric, 1.10 m of 112 cm or wider

Cushion inners can be bought at Remnant Warehouse 494 Botany Road Alexandria (where you can also buy the piping cord, thread)

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