Blacksmithing: Hammer Making

The forging hammer is the foundation of forging for a blacksmith. This course introduces the techniques required to create a traditional forging hammer that is the right weight, size and balance according to the body and style of the smith.

Starting out as a block or billet of steel, students will design a hammer head, forge the billet to size, punch the eye for the handle and forge in some decorative fullers. To finish off students will heat treat the hammer head, shape the handle from spotted gum and fit it to their hammer ready for use.

You will leave the course with your own bespoke forging hammer.

One forging hammer
Topics include:

  • Steel selection: hard vs tough
  • Use of oil or gas furnaces and coke forges
  • Anvil forging of large billets
  • Striking and cooperative blacksmithing
  • Punching the eye with a hydraulic press
  • Handle Shaping and fitment
  • Heat treatment
Bring a packed lunch and bottle of water.

All materials are provided.

Please wear clothing appropriate for a workshop. This includes long pants and sleeves preferably natural fibre, solid shoes/boots. All other safety gear is provided.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.