Advanced Reading Skills

In the Advanced Reading Skills course, you will learn how to master reading skills that can help you read more effectively at a faster rate with improved comprehension and without fatigue. During each class, we will work with you to:

• Identify and eliminate poor reading habits.
• Increase reading speed, comprehension and recall.
• Build the skills and strategies that effective readers use.
• Develop a flexible reading strategy based on the type of content being read.

The Advanced Reading Skills Course has been designed to measurably improve your EFFECTIVE READING PERFORMANCE so that you are able to read more effectively, with greater comprehension, less stress and less fatigue at an improved rate.

The course is divided into two distinct parts.

1. Getting rid of the bad habits.
The first part teaches you how to eliminate all the bad habits that hold you back from reading effectively- bad habits that reduce your comprehension, concentration and reading efficiency.

2. Improving Effective Reading Performance.
The second part of the course focuses on learning, understanding and practicing new effective techniques that consistently improve your comprehension and ability to remember information -benefits that are critically important in this age of information overload.

The ultimate thrust of the course is to substantially improve the Effective Reading Performance of every participant.
After doing the course there is a substantial improvement in your reading ability, an increase in understanding of what you have read, an improved ability to remember what you have read and greater reading confidence and motivation.

Just bring a pen. We will provide you with a workbook.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.