Abstract Painting

You don’t have to have Picasso’s imagination to create an abstract art painting. This course aims to help you unleash your spontaneity as you explore creative approaches to abstract painting. Learn how to develop your own style through experimentation with various media and techniques.

Starting with subjects from everyday life you will learn how to abstract the motifs in various ways before progressing through a series of abstract paintings that demonstrate an exploration of various media and techniques. Concepts of figuration, abstraction, non-objective representation and semi-abstraction are discussed and put into practice in this course suitable for students of all levels.

Pencil (2B)
Bristle brushes (cheap from hardware or $2 shops, including 1 small round / 1 very wide flat)
At least 4 stretched canvases OR canvas boards (cheap from most $2 shops); plus optional canvas pad
Acrylic Paints: white, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow oxide; plus both cool/warm of each: yellow, red, blue, optional viridian
Palette knife
Scrapers (variety of widths, plastic or metal, usually found in tools section of $2 shops)
Large Palette (eg. large piece of Perspex or multiple plastic ice-cream lids) or paper palette pad
Water Container (eg. large glass jar)
PVA Craft Glue (small tube)
Scissors OR Cutting Knife
Sheets of White A4 typing paper or Sketchbook
Plastic Tablecloth ($2 Shop) OR old Magazines
Paint Shirt
Optional: Charcoal (Willow or Compressed)
Chalk Pastels/Conte Crayons
Impasto Acrylic Medium

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