Handmade Pasta

Fresh handmade pasta has a texture and taste that cannot be duplicated by the mass produced product found in supermarkets. Learn how to make traditional handmade fresh and dried pasta, filled pastas and accompanying sauces that have been shared through generations. Course fee includes all ingredients.

GNOCCHI DI PATATA CON SUGO DI POMODORO (Potato gnocchi in a tomato sugo, flavoured with garlic and basil)

TAGLIATELLE AL PROSCUITTO COTTO (Tagliatelle in a ham and cream sauce)

TORTELLI DI RICOTTA E SPINACI CON BURRO E SALVIA (Ricotta and spinach Tortelli in a butter and sage sauce)


  • 2 tea towels
  • apron
  • dishcloth
  • Sharp knife
  • drink of your choice
  • takeaway containers for any leftover food

If you have a pasta machine at home please bring it along for the day.


This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.