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City East Community College is an independent, community based organisation that recognises the right of all adult community members to participate in lifelong learning.

The College is committed to fair, reasonable, and ethical practices in all of its undertakings and will employ appropriate educational strategies, curricula, personnel resources, facilities and technology to foster creativity, flexibility and confidence in our students, enabling them to contribute to the development of an educated society.


City East Community College maintains high professional standards in the delivery of education and training which safeguards the interests and welfare of our students. Courses are presented by appropriately qualified and experienced tutors. Student feedback is welcomed to help in maintaining and improving our standards of service.


City East Community College will comply with all Commonwealth and State legislative and regulatory requirements related to its operation. The College is particularly aware of its duty of care in relation to the Anti-Discrimination, Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Harassment, Victimisation Bullying and Vocational Education and Training Acts.

The College is committed to regular consultation with staff, students, tutors and the community in general and to working collaboratively with business, industry and other local organisations so that we might best meet the community’s educational needs wherever possible. Council members, staff members and tutors are expected to observe the highest ethical and professional standards in all their dealings on the organisation’s behalf. They should refrain from any conduct which may damage the College or its reputation. Their conduct should always be in accordance with the College’s Code of Practice, Code of Conduct, Policies and Policy Guidelines and with all legislative and funding requirements relating to the areas and activities for which they are responsible.


City East Community College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO90269) registered with the National VET Regulator (NVR) and is required to comply with the conditions of its registration. The College’s registered scope is available on www.training.gov.au.


City East Community College is a not-for profit adult education organisation governed by a College Council composed of representatives from student body and the College community. These voluntary members are subject to the Fit and Proper Persons Requirements.

The College Council meets on a regular, pre-determined basis to approve the Policies of the organisation, its Strategic Directions, Business Plans and Accounts. The College Council is also responsible for the appointment of an Auditor, the conduct of an Annual General Meeting and Annual Reports to relevant bodies. Council activities include strategic decision-setting, long-range planning, organisational development and the review of financial and other performance criteria.


In line with the Standard for NVR Registered Training Organisation, City East Community College practices the principles of accessibility and equity. City East Community College does not discriminate against any person on any grounds whatsoever. Language used by City East Community College staff, volunteers, trainers and tutors will always be in a way which supports inclusivity and mutual respect.


City East Community College is committed to providing an environment of equal opportunity, free from discrimination for existing and prospective staff and students. The College will endeavour to encourage, assist and subsidise people who are subject to disadvantage to participate in our programs and courses, although access for all disadvantaged people may be limited by financial resources and available facilities.

Students will be given access to our programs, courses and support services regardless of gender, marital status, sexual preference, race, colour, pregnancy, national origin, ethnic or socio-economic background, physical or intellectual impairment, religious or political affiliation or prior criminal conviction.

City East Community College endeavours to provide access for all people with a disability wherever possible. Special arrangements will be made whenever it is practicable.

Language and literacy
City East Community College endeavours to meet language and literacy needs wherever possible. Special arrangements will be made whenever it is practicable.

Learning and Assessment
Strategies are developed to meet the identified needs of student groups and individuals.


City East Community College will not permit any staff or student to be harassed, bullied, victimised or subjected to uninvited and unwelcome behaviour that might interfere with their right to work, access to our services or capacity to participate in our programs and courses.


City East Community College is committed to the maintenance of high ethical standards when dealing with customers. It is our aim to provide the highest possible quality service to our students.
This commitment will be met by: advertising in a manner that is consistent with all Commonwealth & State legal requirements; ensuring that our activities and services are correctly represented in print and electronic media and in community services bulletins; ensuring that conditions of enrolment for prospective students are clear and concise and are published for review prior to enrolment; maintaining our activities and services to ensure that they comply with published details, particularly in terms of course content, duration, location, teacher expertise and course outcomes; and periodic surveying of students to determine the effectiveness and reliability of advertising strategies.

Only ASQA accredited courses carry the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo.

CERTIFICATES and Issuing of qualifications

City East Community College implements systems to ensure that Qualifications and Statements of Attainment are issued promptly after a competency determination has been made.

Accredited Certificates
Accredited Certificates are issued to students who are assessed as competent. Certificates are handed out to students and certificate numbers recorded on the Evaluation/Assessment Record Sheets. Certificates are mailed out to students in the case of assignment based assessments, once tutors have advised that a student has successfully completed the assignment.

Certificates of Attendance
Certificates of Attendance are issued on request to students who have attended at least 80% of any other College sessional or full day course, of non-accredited training, on request.


City East Community College recognises the qualifications issued by another registered training organisation based in any State/Territory of Australia providing this is specified within our scope and aligned to the relevant competencies for the qualification stated. The College ensures that all students have access to information regarding opportunities of recognition including RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer. Accredited qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations will be recognised subject to authentication check.


Accredited courses will be assessed using a competency based assessment approach.
Candidates will be assessed as COMPETENT or NOT YET COMPETENT in their ability to perform ALL of the operations/skills as set out in the unit of competency.

Appeals against Assessment
City East Community College’s policy/procedure supports Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations in providing a process for complaints and appeals to be heard and actioned. If a candidate is not satisfied with an assessment outcome, he/she may appeal against the assessment decision and may request to be re-assessed.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
RPL may be awarded to certain units of competency in accredited courses if a candidate can provide evidence to map competency to units of competency and/or qualifications according to AQF levels.

City East Community College recognises the right of its students to apply for RPL and that credit may be awarded to other forms of prior learning – in cases where work experience, life experience or courses undertaken outside the College or TAFE systems are related to assessable components of an a Accredited course. The opportunity exists for students in accredited courses to seek RPL through a formal process that adheres to the requirements established by the accrediting authorities. The student will be charged a fee (70% of the advertised course cost) for the RPL process.


In line with Australian Privacy Principles, confidentiality shall be maintained in respect of all student information and records. Records of candidates in accredited courses and student records are maintained according to requirements of the NVR.

Non-accredited course and student records are maintained for at least 5 years. A student may access his/her own personal records by arrangement with the Principal, who is the Public Officer of City East Community College.


Any grievance or complaint brought to the attention of the College, will be investigated and determined in consultation with the aggrieved person within fourteen days.


Student fees
Fees are set down in City East Community College’s quarterly course guides. Concessionary fees are available to students in receipt of health or disability benefits, aged pensioners and seniors' card holders.

In the event of a cancellation of a course by City East Community College a full refund will be made.
Refunds will not be granted to students who are unable to attend courses due to change in personal circumstances, work commitments or other reasons beyond the control of the College.

In the case of a person requesting refund/transfer on the grounds of illness, a medical certificate must be provided which stipulates the period during which they were unable to attend their course. A refund of up to 75% of the course fee may be applied. City East Community College does not accept responsibility for books or materials purchased for a course. An administrative charge of $20 applies.


Information concerning students made available to City East Community College in registration or enrolment forms will be used by the College for the purposes of general student administration, general communication, provision of course information, state and national reporting, program monitoring and evaluation.

Information will be provided to all such government agencies and/or organizations so authorized to receive such information where the provision of this information is necessary for City East Community College to continue to operate as a registered training organization and for registration and re-registration purposes.


City East Community College will manage risk as an integral part of its management process. All areas of the College will be managed through a risk management system.