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About City East Community College

City East Community College, is your local Community College placing the quality of the student experience at the heart of its operation.

City East Community College, is a non-profit organisation established in 1952, is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90269), registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and accredited to provide training and recognition services according to our Scope of Registration.

As an RTO, City East Community College acts in accordance with the National Vocational Education and Training Regulation Act and complies with the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations. The college works co-operatively with local community organisations, local councils, schools and neighbourhood facilities to organise, promote and offer a wide range of quality, life long learning opportunities in over 20 venues in Sydney’s East.

Each term the College introduces new courses and pursuits to advance the vocational, artistic, creative and personal aspirations of people from all walks of life. We cater for the educational needs of small businesses, parents, school leavers, job seekers, seniors and busy city-dwellers. The College also develops programs for adults with special needs in order to enrich their lives through learning.

The College celebrates diversity, celebrates inclusion and embraces participation. Few enterprises can be found that offer as wide a range of opportunities to learn, at as affordable price.


Our students have come from diverse backgrounds and all ages from school leavers to senior citizens. Our average student is 25-39, tertiary educated, well-traveled, and predisposed towards education. We do however, welcome everyone interested in self-improvement.

Most of our students are tech-savvy, maintain an interest in local affairs and reside in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs or city fringe. Our main centres of activity are Bondi, Randwick, Coogee and Alexandria areas. Students in our English courses are from all parts of the globe and we extend a warm welcome to them all.

Our students show a notable interest in technological change, the environment, personal health, parenting, community, career, investment and relationships. They are also defined by their attraction to personal achievement.


The College occupies a position of distinction in short course development. Our flexibility, our responsiveness to change and our regard for innovation enables us to recognise emerging needs and tailor new programs accordingly.

Currently we categorise our courses in the following clusters: Arts + Communications, Business, Computing + Graphic Design, Health + Fitness, Lifestyle + Languages.

Our students are attracted to our courses for many reasons; to gain practical skills, to broaden their mind, to gain fluency in English or another language; to meet new challenges or to share the rewards of adult education with other learners. We endeavour to provide a fulfilling experience for all of them.


The College’s catchment area embraces the whole of Sydney’s East, the City of Sydney and the revitalised South Sydney Precinct. A significant proportion of our students come from other parts of Sydney or further afield. All are welcome.

We maintain contact with our students and the wider community through our website, social media and via email, text messaging and targeted advertising.

Our website attracts over 200,000 unique visitors each year and 75% of our students enrol online.

We selectively advertise in local newspapers, prior to the commencement of each quarterly term, directing people to our website where they can review our program and enrol online.


Our teachers are experienced, committed and qualified professionals, unified by their love of adult learning. We see the process of adult education as a collaboration between teacher and student. Our teachers endeavour to create conditions in which education flourishes.

Our support

City East Community College is a not-for-profit educational organisation. It is one of the may established under the auspices of the NSW Government in the 1950s to broaden the general and vocational education of the local adult population.

In the 1980s community colleges devolved from Government control to operate and autonomous entities following regulations set down by the NSW Department of Education.
Today City East Community College continues to operate in departmental facilities (schools) and in community locations.

The College receives funding from the NSW Department of Education and Community’s ACE’s unit for ‘Social Inclusion’ courses.

The College’s general continuing education courses are funded entirely by student’s fees.