Adult Migrant English Program - AMRP

Access & Equity

City East Community College is committed to the principles of access and equity and is in full support of the Department of Education and Training’s (DET) principles for a culturally diverse society.

In keeping with our aim of offering as wide as possible a range of educational opportunities to all adult residents of Eastern Suburbs;

  • We are committed to the delivery of high quality services to all clients regardless of gender, cultural background, ethnicity or disability;
  • We are committed to working towards a fair and just society in which all potential learners have access to opportunities for life long learning, unencumbered by barriers to their participation;
  • We are committed to taking a positive role in promoting broader issues of equity such as reconciliation with Aboriginal Australia and local and international issues of human rights;
  • We are committed to fostering a positive relationship with community groups and special interest networks in our region and regularly participate in joint equity ventures;
  • We commit resources, where possible, to support equity programs on merit, on value to the community and on the basis of raising the quality of life of the participants; and in certain cases their carers;
  • We welcome the full participation of students of all cultures and backgrounds and we value cultural diversity as an enriching factor in our educational provisions;
  • We strive to offer as affordable as possible a range of prices for courses as we are aware of the extent and impact of economic disadvantage and the nexus between inequity and economic disadvantage;
  • We continue to seek to secure targeted funds to allow us to offer free or low cost educational programs to various equity clients;
  • We are committed to offering shorter daytime courses at a lesser cost which allow people on low incomes a greater opportunity for participation in courses;
  • We have a concessional policy which applies to all mainstream courses;
  • We endeavor to ensure that physical disability need not be an impediment to participation in courses;
  • All our trainers are committed to aid learners requiring support to make their goals attainable;
  • Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both males and female students and only developed for specific gender groupings in response to demonstrated need and when acceptable in terms of exemption within anti-discrimination legislation and
  • Our promotional strategies are designed to reach out to the broader community and are aided and enhanced by multi-lingual advertising and the use of special interest media.